They knew she was trouble when she moved in.

Rhode Island residents are concerned over a recent construction project in front of Taylor Swift's beachside house. Swift's mansion borders a public right-of-way to the beach, a fact that concerns surfers and other residents who enjoy access to the seaside.

Rhode Island's Coastal Resources Management Council is reportedly keeping a strict eye on the project, which involves repairing a seawall and resetting boulders at the bottom of the hill below Swift's house.


Laura Dwyer, a spokeswoman for the CRMC, told The Sun, "They are doing just what they said they would be doing." She added that none of the changes should affect access to the public beach for surfers.
The application for the project, submitted by the Harbor Land Revocable Trust, the official owner of the Swift property, described the activities on the project as resetting boulders and repairing a concrete seawall, not adding more boulders or otherwise altering the coastline.

Saeta Equina